The industrial design of SenceBand was developed by the world-renowned studio STUCK Design.

We aimed to achieve an iconic way to relate the strap and device in a configuration that was new and unique, especially in the world of watches and wrist wearables. The proposed options were memorable and iconic, but nonetheless, still simple and advanced.

Elegant Overlaps

To create a memorable aesthetic look in the world of wearables, STUCK Design proposed a simple twist to the current strap-over-device look in the world of wearables today. This new configuration elevates the strap and gives rise to a beautiful and complimentary pairing.

Redefining the relationship between the strap and device, they explored subtle yet iconic details that celebrate the connection and intersection of the two.


A minimal design approach, we re-looked into how we can create a timeless and classic design. Giving the device a centrepiece status allows the entire bracelet to maintain its simplicity, while being enhanced with details.

Patient engagement platform

With SenceBand’s unprecedented precision and accuracy it has the functionality to extract some of your body’s most valuable information. Use it to best understand your body and mind in ways you never thought possible. You can also share it with your friends and family to stay in tune and connected to the well being of those you love.

With Sence's unique ability to analyze heart rate variability, it can track 64 different emotions and bodily states in you and your loved ones. Specifically, Sence can track 2 flavours (intensity levels) of each of the 32 emotions found below in Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, a standard emotional reference tool in medicine and psychology:

Free application programming interface (API)

HRV telemetry with a cloud solution